5 Simple Ways to Make Your App Irresistibly Addictive

Everyone has those friends who we tease for being addicted to their phones. It seems like every time you look, they’re back on their favourite social media app or mobile game. While this type of dynamic may look funny at first glance, mobile developers are constantly on the search to determine how and why certain apps lead to this type of addictive mobile behaviour.

Learn the 5 key elements to making your app addictive.

Your App Needs Investors: Where Do You Start?

You've come up with the idea for a fantastic app that's going to change the face of everything we know about mobile computing. It's a fresh take on entertainment, or a brilliant method of cloud computing, or a shocking new way to carry private financial information without the risk of theft. You've gotten developing off the ground, you've made the first moves towards development, you have a pretty good idea of how you're going to market the concept—but to scale up, you need investors.

Top app trends in 2015

When smartphones first became wildly popular with the iPhone in 2007, applications (or apps) were minimal and mostly produced by the manufacturing companies. Fast forward eight years to 2015, and there are more than 1 million apps on Apple's store alone. There's no doubt that apps have made smartphones more popular and accessible by the wilder community, but as with everything there are certain trends in app usage across the globe. So what does 2015 bring us, and what application trends are taking us by storm this year?

Golden Plains Award Winning App

Golden Plains Award Winning App

In May 2011, Golden Plains Shire Council embarked on a bold plan to develop a smartphone app aimed at promoting tourism in the region. After a short tendering process, we (Gsoft Production Media) were commissioned as the developers and got to work immediately. We worked closely with the team at GP Shire Council to lock in a solid design that met all their requirements and painted the region in its best light.