A smartphone app that provides surgeons with evidence-based recommendations about post operative blood clotting treatments

CLOTS (Consultation on haematoLogical Optimisation & Thrombosis in Surgery) is designed to reduce the risk of thromboembolism for surgical patients by recommending the most appropriate preventative strategy for your patient.

The app is a simple, risk-stratification tool and decision-making algorithm, that allows real-time personalised assessment of a patient’s thromboembolic risk, which culminates in evidence-based recommendations for thromboembolism prevention and antithrombotic interventions.

This app provides a simple interface, that drives a comprehensive thromboembolic risk assessment, based on both the patient and surgical procedural profile, as well as, clinical decision-making regarding the most appropriate preventative strategy that should be utilised - including regimen, duration and cautions.

Useful for surgeons, physicians, trainees, medical students and nursing staff, this decision support tool is easy and intuitive to use.