A smartphone app that provides surgeons with evidence-based recommendations about post operative blood clotting treatments

Surgical ThrombEmbolism Prevention (STEP) APP is designed to reduce the risk of thromboembolism by recommending the most appropriate preventative strategy for your patient.

The APP is a simple, risk-stratification tool (based on patient profile and surgical procedure) and decision-making algorithm, that allows real-time personalised assessment, which culminates in an evidence-based recommendation for thromboembolism prevention, with adjustment for renal function and weight.

This smartphone and tablet APP provides a simple interface that drives a comprehensive thromboembolic strategy - including regimen, duration and precautions.


2015 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards winner

We're very proud to announce, that in 2015, the STEP app won the Minister for Health's Award for excellence in cancer care.  Click here for a list of all the finalists.