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Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is a growing industry with over one billion active users, and the amount of activity in this industry is only increasing. The challenge in launching an app on mobile devices is the necessity to track the success of the app, which has a critical role in maintaining consistency and measuring customer return on investment (ROI).

Tracking and Analytics

Using tools such as tracking tools that let you know how well your app is doing, and knowing how the competition is doing is vital in the process of launching a mobile app. So what is the secret of how to track your mobile app marketing success?

Why are mobile app marketing insights so important? Why do you need to know how many users your app has? Are these data sets are useful for you to improve the performance of your app?

If you want to launch a mobile app that will make you money, you must know how to use these tracking tools. Here are the ways that help you track mobile app marketing analytics.

For a company looking to launch a mobile app, a major tool that can help them get information on their app is Mobitracker. The best thing about Mobitracker is the availability of a free trial period. With this, you can get a taste of what is included in the package. This helps you to test different apps and identify the best ones, before investing your money.

mobile app marketing

App Performance

As a company looking to launch a mobile app, the second thing that can help you in improving the performance of your app is Mobitracker’s SDK. In this regard, you can see how your app is doing and how the competition is doing.

In this regard, Mobitracker is also very useful as it offers a unique feature that shows you how many users are logging into your app. To make things more efficient, you can also set up recurring events to allow your users to log in every day.

So, if you want to launch a mobile app that will make you money, you can achieve success by applying these two ideas. Keep in mind that any and all marketing tools used for the launch of a mobile app must be developed in collaboration with an experienced and reputable mobile marketing company.


As a company looking to launch a mobile app, you need to have an idea as to how much money you are going to be making from your app. If you want to know how successful you are with this campaign, you need to track the activity of your app, and you can do this with the use of a marketing analytics tool.

So the question now remains; how do you track your marketing analytics for your mobile app? Here are the things that you need to track when you are looking to track your marketing analytics for your mobile app.

One of the things that you need to track is how many people are downloading your mobile app. You can also track the number of downloads of your app from App Annie, as well as the number of uninstalled and new apps that are being used on your apps.

Other key things that you need to track are the total number of people that are using your app, the percentage of people that are registered with your app, and the average download size of your app. With these key things in mind, you can successfully launch a mobile app and ensure that you achieve your marketing goals.

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